Why are Logosocks a perfect promotional gift?

logosocksIf you are looking for an original promotional product or gift that your customers will surely remember, here is something for you: “Logosocks”. The idea of this product is to have your logo represented on a pair of socks that you will give to your customers, employees…
If you want to be fashionable and original, this article is definitely for you.

socks factoryWhich kind of fabric are the socks made of?
The standard composition of the socks is 80% coton 17% polyamid 3% elasthan, but it can be adjusted on demand. Different kinds of socks exist: regular socks for children and adults, sport socks and baby socks… Baby socks are perfect if you want to inform your customers that you are launching a new product.

How will my logo appear on the socks?
Your logo will be woven with the sock.

How many sizes exist?
Sizes are the same as those you can find in any store. You just need to precise which bracket of sizes you would like to order.

socks factory What is the anti-slip system? Little points made of plastic are sticked under the sock and will avoid you to slip when walking without shoes. You can ask for special forms (like animal prints, text, logo…). It will personalize your socks.

How many colours can I have on my Logosocks?
Socks can be woven up to 4 colours plus the colour of the sock, which means that you can have a white sock for example and add a logo with four colours which will be woven altogether.

What is the weaving process?
The sock is woven from the toes and up to the ankle. The logo usually appears on the last part and the thread for the colours of your logo will be woven at the same time. If you required anti-slip system, it will be added once the socks are woven.

How fast are the socks produced?
The production time depends on the quantity you ordered, 10 000 pairs won’t be produced at the same rate than 250 pairs. But on average, we can say, one week.

What is the minimum quantity order?
The minimum quantity order is 250 pairs. this relatively small amount makes them a perfect gift for your important customers or for your employees for Christmas or any event that your company will organize.

What is the delivery time?
The delivery time will usually be 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the quantity and also on the other orders to be produced at the same time.

socks factoryAre the socks sent in individual packaging?
Socks are usually sent altogether in a big box but if you want a plastic packaging per pair, it is also possible. You just need to ask.

Is it possible to have a gift box for the socks?
Of course, your socks have a very different impact if you give them to your customers or your employees as a gift in a box. They will have a very positive impact on the person who will open the box and think: it’s a gift for me! If you give them just like that, the impact is really different; they are no longer a gift but more a promotional product.