A promotional glass full of life signed JWT, Beijing

promotional drinkglass

With its “drinking water project”, the World Health Organization has carried out a great fund raising operation.

The object: a symbolic glass which highlights the importance of access to clear, drinkable water for children in Afro-Asian areas.

The concept: a skinny child is printed on the glass and when the water fills it, by the effect of refraction, the child begins getting fat. It reflects the idea that “having water to drink, his health will improve”.

Within one day, the organization collected RMB 153 200 (about 13850 €). This promotional campaign is signed JWT Beijing, China.

With the great slogan “at JWT, we believe that advertising needs to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in“, the international communication agency clearly expresses the essence of advertising which should become something that people want to see rather than something disturbing.

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Source: directdaily.blogspot.com