What’s More Important than Price to Your Promotional Products Clients?

promotional productsWhile it may often seem that price is the most important buying criteria for promotional products buyers, it turns out that there are quite a few things more important to them!

Deliver on these five, and you are much less likely to run into price discussions:

1. Prompt and Timely Delivery of Orders. Once you’ve taken an order and agreed to a delivery date, you’d better be prepared to deliver. Those imprinted, glow in the dark Frisbees won’t look nearly as good if they arrive the morning AFTER the midnight madness sale!

2. Accurate Order Fulfillment. I once heard a story about some imprinted mugs that were created for Ross Perot’s company “EDS” (Electronic Data Systems). It seems an English major at one of the supplier firms thought there was a punctuation error in the EDS logo, and took the liberty of adding an apostrophe… The mugs came through as “Ed’s”.

3. Products Available When Needed. With thousands of different suppliers at your disposal, you must be able to deliver a quality product within most client’s reasonable deadlines. The challenge is often agreeing on the definition of “reasonable.”

4. Imprint and Graphic Quality. The entire value of a promotional product is in its ability to promote your client’s products and services. If the imprint rubs off, it may still be a key tag, but it is no longer a promotional item… and that’s where all the value is to your client!

5. Timely Response to Customer Concerns. In an age where everyone including high school freshmen carry cell phones, you can’t afford to be perceived as “lax” in responding to customer concerns. When we deliver on these five criteria, price discussions are much less likely to come up. Remember that customers generally talk price when we fail to give them anything else to think about! For complete details on how to deliver, not just these five, but ALL 15 criteria that promotional products clients say are most important in their dealings with distributors, turn on your speakers and click here to test drive the Top Secrets Salesperson’s System risk-free in your business for one full year.

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