Promotional ashtrays

Promotional ashtrays are very popular now ! With more and more strict smoking bans coming out recent years, a pocket ashtray seems necessary for a

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Weapons of Mass Advertising

Boost Promotional Products, one of the leader company in Australia, enjoys chatting with business owners within many targeted industries and Online. They have been amazed at the amount of small businesses that do not use Promotional Products.

Below are just some of their reasons:

1. Too expensive for advertising
2. No idea what do with a Promotional Item or how to market it
3. No industry experience or new product fear
4. Don’t need it

What Kyle, from Boost Promotional Product, would like to do in this post is provide 5 core reasons why your business needs to implement a marketing strategy like Promotional Products.

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Leave your place and you lose it

This is ancient history !!

Last week, we were contacted by Daniel Lane, an ex-bartender turned copyrighter at an ad agency in Philadelphia. He and another bartender in L.A. have patent-pending on a new bar coaster that they (fingers crossed) think will replace the traditional (boring) one…


And I am happy to give you more details on this original and topical new concept!!

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Promotional tape measure

We often search for new promotional products to be used in the office. Of course, traditional rulers are nice, a good imprint area, and long-lasting. But only a few distributors propose a range of innovative promotional tape measure items. Let’s try to do better, here you can see in one view 75 different promotional tape measures.

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