The Pocket Garden – nature at your fingertips

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The Pocket Garden is an incredible promotional gift developped by the company Canova in the UK.

Supplied in a sealed leak-proof bag, it contains specially formulated compost and seeds that once cut open, just require water to germinate allowing them to grow a beautiful houseplant.

It’s an attractive, different, innovative and effective way of getting your message in front of your target audience.

You can personalise both the front and back in full colour ensuring full impact. The bespoke label size is 100mm x 95mm. The product is designed to brighten up a desk or windowsill creating a talking point with your message at the heart of it.

The expanding collection of Pocket Gardens, all made in UK, allow you to choose from a wide range of plants to adapt to your campaign. Have a look at their website for their complete product line.

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