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We receive daily questions about our blog policy, so here are a few answer to the most asked questions.

Who are you ?
The promotional product blogs were initiated by Horizon Group in Spain. But auteurs are from all around the world as we have an international network of friends and collegues working in the industry.

Who can send a post on the blogs ?
I would say, everybody can send a post to be published on these blogs. The question is ” What info can be posted ?” We only publish information that brings news or information. This can be mixed with a product promotion but that should not be the main subject.

Can you help me to find the product I’m looking for ?
Most probably we can. If it’s a promotional product you’re looking for I would really be astonished that none of us has seen it before. Just fill in a contact form and one of us will send you the info.

Can I buy advertising space on these blogs ?
No, our blogs are not open for plain advertising, there are profesional magasines and tradefairs for this. But if your product or procedure is really new to the industry, contact us a we may be interested to publish it.

Which are your blogs ?
English blog : www.ppiblog.com
French blog : www.blog-objets-publicitaires.fr
Spanish blog : www.blog-articulos-publicitarios.es
Dutch blog : www.relatiegeschenken-blog.nl
Italian blog : www.blog-oggetti-pubblicitari.it
German blog : www.werbemittel-blog.de

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