The upcoming sensation for the World Cup soccer 2010!!

Worldwide, millions of supporters will be wearing the most crazy outfits during the World Cup soccer next year in South Africa. Many people and hence companies are currently looking for new, different products in which they can truly ‘dress to impress’.

makaraba A symbol of the South African (soccer) culture is the Makaraba, a funny-looking miners helmet that is traditionally hand-carved and painted by artists and supporters. This hand-made Makaraba is not suitable for large-scale production, however. In recent months, A-Lex B.V. has developed and registered automated versions, respecting the integrity of this South African cultural phenomenon.

makaraaba With this release, we are launching three user-friendly alternatives;
(1) the ‘African package’, an open design helmet with (loose) inserts that should be used to shape the base helmet, stickers and an African horn,
(2) a closed design helmet with two set-up pieces, and
(3) an inflatable helmet. Through an introduction letter, supporters will be encouraged to let their creativity run and further ‘pimp’ their helmet. Our versions of the Makaraba can be produced in almost every style, personal interest and desire. The possibilities are endless!

makarabba To ensure that this symbol of South African culture remains linked to its origin, every Makaraba sold will allow us to realise a donation to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Those who purchase our Makaraba will not only be supporting their country and soccer team in an original way, but will also contribute to this noble cause!

We are in dialogue with many companies, trade platforms and countries who have shown (exclusive) interest in our version of the Makaraba. We are highly selective since we would only like to partner with professionals who can enhance this initiative’s success whilst respecting its origin and purpose.

For more information, we kindly refer to Debbie Roijers and/or Jorg van der Zanden.

Kind greetings!
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