Concerned with Communicating through Painting ?

Have you ever imagined promoting your image through a hand-made painting ? Few chances are.. Painting is now coming to you as a new possible object in your communication, thanks to, yet not only, its high flexibility.
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Interview with Anton Hassoun, Sales Director of a company :

HK : « Art & Communication » : are these 2 disciplines really compatible ?
AH : Yes and I would say they are to merge in a very positive synergy, profitable for all advertisers. I give you reasons :
– Advertiser’s clients will always find a place for their paintings, whether it’s in their office, home or their associates’ office or home, guaranteeing a stable advertising presence and a strong ROI
– a painting is a remarkable decorative feature that can be seen on a regular basis by a set of individuals as well as visitors, multiplying your communication indefinitely
– a painting is a timeless, never outdated, exclusive gift that’s pleasant to offer and to receive
– a painting is never thrown away, forgotten or simply lost comparatively to other promotional objects
– a painting is perceived as a valuable object of art that can be given or, why not, sold to generate money for a charity
– a painting is the best way to immortalise an event

HK : How can advertisers promote their image thru your paintings ?
AH : Advertisers will choose from our catalogue of more than 3896 paintings, of various styles and themes, the painting that suits their needs and they can even have it framed, if they want.
Our paintings will be branded to the name their company or their website, like a signature. From a photo, it’s even possible for us to create a painting of their new product, poster, sales team or company. No limits anymore : only your imagination, thanks to a 100% custom painting !
HK : Are these paintings hand made ? What is the minimum order ? Are they delivered ready to be put on the wall ?

AH : Yes, these paintings are hand made, by Chinese artists following patterns. They are gathered in economic centers, with each one following its own distinctiveness. Like, if you remember, large paintings commissioned to-order, a long time ago.. Sometimes it is preferable to obtain a very high level of details : then we will print with machines. Minimum order varies with dimensions and price : for example 40 pcs for a 90×120 cm canvas and 100 pcs for a 50×60 cm canvas. Paintings are always delivered ready to go on the wall : you just have to hammer the nail in !

HK : Well, please give us some case studies ?

AH : Of course, first of all a painting is an excellent business gift, thanks to its novelty and offbeat nature. Any catalogue manager of incentives and gifts will add a painting to its listing of available items. This is already a nice success story. Pharmaceutical companies will target paediatricians with canvas in a children’s style. The wall may be the only available advertising space left at a doctor’s office. Any association gathering mostly passionate people will be pleased to immortalize their passion in a customized painting that will then be sold to members. A festival would have its promotional posters transformed in 100% customized paintings. They will then offer them to VIP and/or sell them for a very profitable operation !

HK : Thank you very much for your time. This is the URL where you will see almost 4,000 paintings ready to be signed with your name and a price list :