Promotional Magnets: Who wants to bet?

The life of the traditional promotional magnet is over! We need a different and innovative version.

We need a multifunctional magnet which will be at the same time a convenient communication tool, and also a versatile magnet that can be applied to any support, not only metal.


The example of the “FOX IT” promotional magnets:

It’s an original and new communication tool:
Fox’it is a new and visible accessory, used many times a day.

This is an excellent communication tool, for events, launches, motivational events and promotions. For tourism, it is a perfect keepsake.

It’s also a “New generation” of tea-towel holder :
Fox’it is the “must-have” accessory in your kitchen.
Any radiator can suddenly be transformed into a dryer for jour towels.
Its incredible versatility allows for easy reach. Keep offices tidy!

It’s also a Table-Cloth Holder:

Fox’it is a remarkable Table-Cloth Holder.
Ideal for gardens, patios, restaurant terraces, etc…

It’s also a decorative magnet :
Fox’it can be used to hold your photographs, documents or paper on any metal surfaces…

And also a curtain holder :
Fox’it can be used to hold your light curtains on all types of window frames: PVC, Aluminium, Wood, etc. No need for drilling, screws or nails.

This item may have a good future as a promotional product! Let’s keep an eye on it!

If you want more info on this product: