How to mess up an order of promotional products

mess up
Let’s try to mess up an order for promotional product in a few short steps! Everybody will try to explain how to buy promotional products in the best way, but I’m sure that this small tutorial will be even more helpfull.

First of all, what makes these promotional product orders different from other orders is the fact that the product will be printed with a logo or slogan. Whether a large or small quantity, problems are similar.

1. I’ll start by selecting a product that has nothing to do with my own business and which most probably my clients will throw away as soon as I give it to them.

2. Once the type of product has been selected, I’ll try to find it as cheaply as possible to make sure I get a real low quality product impacting on my company’s image.

3. In this case, I prefer to order from a supplier or distributor I have never worked with before. I would prefer that he has an awfull old website and that he would be located on the other side of the country to ensure bad communication. Another good criteria would be that his replies only get to me two days late.

4. Of course, I won’t ask him for a sample, in that way the surprise will be funnier. The blurry and tiny product picture on his two page website shows me enough.

5. I need these items for an event at the beginning of February, so let’s send the order at the end of January to ensure a printer’s a rush print.

6. I’ll send him real bad artwork, a low pixel-count jpg will be perfect. If I’m lucky he’ll accept the jpg and try to arrange the quality first by altering my beautifull logo.

7. I won’t ask for an artproof, and anyway, this professional didn’t even offer it to me.

8. Let’s see what we can do about delivery time … The distributor offered to send the goods via Fedex Ex, but I’m sure Standard Fedex will do, I’ll call Fedex next day to speed them up.

Just be honest with yourself… I’m sure you already made at least one of these mistakes, didn’t you ? 🙂 For some more serious info please check these previous entries :