Silicone wristbands with balls !

When Nicolas from the USA did sent me an email with his project for 3D silicone wristbands I had to look twice at the drawings to be sure I understood well what he wanted me to make for him ! Silicone wristbands with a well identified pair of hanging balls !

From the mail I understood it wasn’t a joke at all, but an extremely serious project and subject. The message Nicolas wants to communicate with these wristbands is following :

silicone-wristband-001-1It takes balls to fight cancer.

It’s an original way of fundrising for Cancer charity putting a highlight on testicular cancer. Indeed most campaigns about cancer in the USA and Europe focus on breast cancer with slogans like : .“Save the Ta Ta’s”…”Save the boob’s”.

I’m sure that the campaign will be succesfull as most probably TV and magazines will talk about it.

To learn more visit the website with balls: