Quill, pencil, and promotional product

My colleague made me discover a new promotional product I had never seen before:
It’s the combination of a promotional pen, and a goose quill, all customized with your text or logo.
The result is a striking communication with an improbable product!

The characteristics of this product are the following:

It’s a long goose quill, painted in different flashy colours, with a ballpoint pen inserted at the end of the feather.

Up to there, it is Up to this point, it’s something we might have already seen.
But, the specificity of my “promotional goose quill pen” is the imprint of your message or logo, in any colour, on the largest part of the quill.
In my opinion, it appears to be an incredible product to communicate a message:

the product itself and the flashy colour will attract the attention of anybody going past your office.


Obviously, the logo imprint will remain in all onlookers’ mind for a long time.

It will work for sure, think about it…
More information : www.shakespearepens.com