custom pens

colorful custom pens! everyone uses a pen at least once a day. why wouldn’t you print your company name on it? these pens with print

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colorful feather pens

Feather pens: an understated gift. Writing with feathers you actually have to dip in ink is something we used to do long ago. Now, we

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Ecologic Promotional pen

A unique “Promotional Feather Quill Pen”, made of a nice goose feather and a ballpoint pen. This new product is a fantastic alternative to the

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Quill, pencil, and promotional product

My colleague made me discover a new promotional product I had never seen before:
It’s the combination of a promotional pen, and a goose quill, all customized with your text or logo.
The result is a striking communication with an improbable product!

The characteristics of this product are the following:

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Those Damn Promotional Pens 1/1

Mathilde PPIBLOG: I have one question to the professionals of our industry:

Why the hell are we still using pens as a promotional product?

The promotional pen is STILL one of the most common advertising tools in our industry! Along with other writing instruments, it represents more than 10% of the promotional products total sales

Its use as an advertising product is so widespread that its efficiency is nowadays questioned!
It’s not easy to stand out among hundreds of other promotional pens passing by the hands of a same person.

– Have you ever asked yourself: “Is my communication efficient when using promotional pen?”
– Do we have to bet on banality, already seen, to convey our brands?
Is the use of promotional pens a bad habit we are not able to break? As I smoke my cigarette after meal, a firm can’t help printing pens with its Logo?

Obviously, this product makes me baffled: Worshiped by some communication professionals and damned by others… I need your cooperation: thanks for shedding some light on this!

Come on, writers of the PPIBlog! Take up pens!

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Why Swiss promotional pen manufacturer Prodir still makes the difference.

Author: Jasper Martens, purchase manager at Zintuig in Holland.

Pens, pens, pens! Zintuig sells around 3 million pens each year in the Netherlands alone! It’s still one of the most sold promotional products in the market. For most customers, a pen is just a pen. But even with a promotional pen, there are a lot of opportunities.

A good example of a pen manufacturer who really makes the difference in promotional pens is Prodir. This Swiss brand, based in Lugano, is not a price beater and it’s not a far-east manufacturer. The company doesn’t purchase Chinese pens and print them in Europe for a quick delivery. Prodir pen models are completely designed, produced and personalized within at the Prodir company. Unique!

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I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I am tired of seeing all of the simple, boring imprinted stick pens. They are so commonplace that they go un-noticed, rendering them quite ineffective as a promotional tool.

It’s time for the pen revolution.

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