I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I am tired of seeing all of the simple, boring imprinted stick pens. They are so commonplace that they go un-noticed, rendering them quite ineffective as a promotional tool.

It’s time for the pen revolution.


These pens are much, much more than a standard pen that people use a few times and throw away. These pens are keepsakes; people LOVE them! They are sure to continue beautifying pen holders on desks everywhere LONG AFTER they make their final marks. The promotional value is unparalleled – people keep them, out of ink or not! Contact us today to pick one of over a thousand stock shapes.


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Doug Donnell – President

I read an entry from about a month ago (Sept. 7, Henri Couronne) that mentioned this manufacturing company (Bentcil). I have known the people at Bentcil for several years, and they are a top-notch company to work with, as the post stated. I’m glad to see that people overseas are familiar with them, and I will direct them to this site so see your positive remarks about them!”