Why Swiss promotional pen manufacturer Prodir still makes the difference.

Author: Jasper Martens, purchase manager at relatiegeschenken Zintuig in Holland.

Pens, pens, pens! Zintuig sells around 3 million pens each year in the Netherlands alone! It’s still one of the most sold promotional products in the market. For most customers, a pen is just a pen. But even with a promotional pen, there are a lot of opportunities.

A good example of a pen manufacturer who really makes the difference in promotional pens is Prodir. This Swiss brand, based in Lugano, is not a price beater and it’s not a far-east manufacturer. The company doesn’t purchase Chinese pens and print them in Europe for a quick delivery. Prodir pen models are completely designed, produced and personalized within at the Prodir company. Unique!

Italian design and Swiss quality
Prodir pens are designed in a design studio in Milan and produced in Switzerland. I personally believe this is a good combination. Designs are unique; the DS5 and DS4 models especially, are well designed.

Unique selling points
What makes it so special is that in fact what really looks good outside is also top quality on the inside. Prodir only works with A-class Premec fillings and thus give a warranty that your customer will write for a long time with this pen. PProdir guarantees 5000 meters of writing per pen! Prodir is one of the few who dare to give a 2 year guarantee on each pen.

Perfect imprint quality and options
The prodir iimprint production process is good. Full colour imprints are possible with the inlay option of the DS5. All other pens are personalised with pad printing or screen printing. Because Prodir develops and produces the products in their own plant, the imprint sticks perfectly to the barrel or clip of each unit. All pens are delivered in well designed pack boxes but are also available in a gift box.

Colours and personalization
Most pens are available with different surfaces (frosted, transparent, matt, etc..) and different colours can be arranged. Imprint positions are not only available on the barrel but also on the clip, side clip and back.

Prodir pens are sold by Zintuig in the Netherlands and Belgium