Prince Charming Gifts – Top 10 Gifts for William and Kate’s Son

Article written by Chris Turton & Kathryn Holloway

Royal-baby-diamond-pacifier-Prince-of-CambridgeWith the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge, William and Kate’s son on July 22, 2013, many well-wishers will want to send the new yet to be named prince a gift. But it begs the question – what do you get a baby boy who will one day sit on the throne?
Extravagance and opulence rule the day when it comes to gifts for the new prince.
Here are the top 10 gifts companies could use as the ultimate promotional item for a royal baby.


1. Pacifier – But we’re not just talking about any pacifier. We’re talking about a $17,000 14K pacifier in white gold studded with more than 278 diamonds.

2. Baby bathtub – The royal prince, when he takes his first bath, might just like to settle down in a $3,800 baby bathtub that’s 31 inches long covered in Swarovski crystals.

3.  Pram – For when he goes out to meet his public, why not give the royal prince a pram made in collaboration with Aston Martin? Priced at $3,100, this pram is just the thing to wheel the royal prince around for his many engagements.


4. Baby set – Though it will be quite a while before the young prince is ready to use dishes, it’s never too early to start getting ready. From Tiffany & Co comes a sterling silver set with a cup, fork, and spoon, which can be engraved with the baby’s name or a message for a price of $745.

Royal-baby-promotional-products5. Trust fund– Want to send the royal baby a bank to start his own coffers of gold? An adorable silver kangaroo from Asprey has a price tag of 3,900.

6. Teddy bear– This isn’t your mother’s teddy bear. From Gucci comes an adorable leather teddy bear for the young prince to cuddle with a price of just $1,030.

7. Towel and robe set – After taking his royal bath, the prince will need something to dry him off. With a towel and bathrobe set from Hermes, which can last him for up to two years, the price tag of $810 seems worth it.

8. Scent-sational – Another nice touch after his royal bath would be a little scent, and what would be better than Bulgari’s Baby Eau de Toilette? It is available for $58 and can be used for Kate too, so that mum and baby can both smell sweet.


9. Booties – For the heir to the throne, the regular booties just won’t do. That is why Hermes offers cashmere baby socks priced at $230.

10.The royal outfit – Once the prince has been fed, bathed, changed, and he’s ready to meet his public, Gucci has just the thing for him to wear. With his choice of long or short sleeves, plus a hat and a bib, this set is just $285.

So, there you have it. You now know some of the top gifts that William and Kate’s son may be getting from his fans around the world.  It’s hard to know what to get for the boy who has everything, including a kingdom someday, but these gifts are all fit for a king, or a prince that will be king some day.

Article written by Chris Turton  & Kathryn Holloway from