Di Caprio and his Gatsby personalized umbrella in Cannes Festival

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cannes-parapluie-Renault-juryThe Cannes Festival : THE  reference  for people loving films (even intellectual elites aprove it so you can imagine !). Cannes means : movie stars, glamour, red carpet, paste, photographers, bow tie… well true chic. Cannes festival also means curious unlookers fight to have a chance to see their idol walking up the mythic steps ( quiet relaxing when you’re surrounded by people in tuxes and thousands dollar dresses…)

cannes-parapluie-RenaultCannes is above all a huge and  well organized business where luxurious brands show their masterpieces (jewels, dresses, cars…) and boost their image thanks to stars’ halo promoting the brand. Even the rain, feared by organizers cannot ruin the event ! Yes I insist. thanks the rain, we can bring out other personalized items that are going to help us promoting even more our brand : personalized umbrellas. You just said dorky ? No, not when a movie star uses them. What a star touches becomes gold you know that and it works the same for printed umbrellas which whould almost become a super hype accessory. Nicole Kidman still is fascinating with her “Renault” printed umbrella.

parapluie-Gatsby-Leonardo-di-caprio-festival-de-cannes-2013You still don’t believe me ? Here’s a proof : Leonardo Di Caprio and its Gatsby umbrella. How the Great Gatsby, how  Di Caprio, the most talented actor of its generation  could seem ridiculous with an umbrella in its hands ? IMPOSSIBLE. Leo has been photographed by hundreds of people and made the biggest promotion he could. Its personalized umbrella screamed to the entire world he was proud of this movie (and was here to defend it. As you can see, personalized umbrellas are the best allies of actors in Cannes this year and allow a bigger advertisement coverage by sponsors (Canal +, Renault…). In Cannes, there’s no money saving and no adverstisement space lost either !

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