Gold and silver flash-tattoos

Flash tattoos

These temporary tattoos are all the rage nowadays, especially the gold and silver ones. These are also called “flash tattoos”

These temporary tattoos in gold and silver colors aren’t just fun for the summer, they’re also fun for events, festivals and holidays!

Flash tattoos are fun all year long!

At our company you can have us make your own custom flash tattoos. This means you don’t have to pick one design out of a few. If you get flash tattoos made with your own design, you’re unique, because nobody else has the same fake tattoos.

You can get these flash tattoos made in gold, silver and copper. You can also combine colors with these metallic hues. For instance, a silver tattoo with turquoise details!

Would you like to give these tattoos as a present and would you like it to be nicely packaged? We’d love to make you a fitted package. Just ask for all our possibilities.


Our flash tattoos are safe, easy to apply and also easy to remove.

There’s many sizes available, from 38x38mm, 51x51mm, or even A5 or A4 format. (and all sizes in between)

On 1 piece of tattoo paper you can have us print out multiple designs, as well. This way you’ll have multiple samples without having to pay extra.

You can order the flash tattoos starting with 2500 pieces!

On the backside of the tattoos are instructions on how to apply/remove them.

We can also print your logo and company name next to these instructions. (in black)

Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Besides flash tattoos we also have 3D tattoos and standard black tattoos (also available in color).

These tattoos are standardly packaged in a neat pile, in a box. But if you’d prefer to have them packaged separately, that’s also possible. For a small fee we’ll package your tattoos one by one.

if you are interested, please contact us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66