Promotional baby tree!

No, you’re not dreaming…It’s really a mini cactus in a capsule!

But watch it, coz it’s not an ordinary mini cactus: it’s also a mini promotional object coz the capsule which is protecting this mini plant can be printed with your logo!

This product, called “BABYTREE”, is distributed by the company Katshu.

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Plastic eco-friendly stamp?

Here is a nice comunication campaign from Jakarta, Indonesia, made by advertising agency PROMATO ASIA. To create awareness about how the use of paper causes

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Pass it on!

Brief: Greentomatocars is a taxi service which uses the greenest car around – the Toyota Prius. Moreover they plant thousands of trees a year to

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Eco friendly products

Using eco friendly products for promotional use is becoming more and more populair in Dutch society. One of the reasons I think is that especially

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