Eco friendly products

Using eco friendly products for promotional use is becoming more and more populair in Dutch society. One of the reasons I think is that especially The Netherlands is dealing with a rising sea level. 2/3 of the nation is actually below sea level. A systems of dikes and pumps keeps the water out. However, this will become more and more difficult as the level is rising.
Because of the nationwide discussion about the environment, certain companies can benefit from this discussion about global warming.

eco products

Group 1: environmental groups
Off course the first group you think about are the environmental groups like Greenpeace and Unicef. It’s almost a must if an eco friendly option is available for a mousepad, a pen or a mug to use it for promotional use. Non-eco stuff is not an option then.

Group 2: “normal” companies
A new group of companies that uses ecofriendly products are the normal industrial companies. They use recycled items to raise public awareness about their brands.

An example is Coco-mat, an international retail company selling natural products like furniture, curtains, made from natural materials. They bought at some ecopens made from recycled paper.

Another company aiming for global warming attention is the national retailer BCC. On their website they give advice about energy consumption of their products. With stickers on washing machines, dryers, hifi sets etc, etc, they want awareness about global warming and off course give the BCC image a nice boost.

Examples of good eco-friendly promotional products.

More and more productgroups become available wich are friendly for the environment.

  • eco-made t-shirts
  • eco-made pens and pencils
  • eco made desk paper products
  • eco-made coffeemugs

Posted by Jasper Martens from Zintuig Media in Holland
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