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Article from James Biggin from Steel City in the UK…

As we move into a new calendar year, thoughts turn very quickly to the exhibition and conference “season” which traditionally takes place during the latter part of quarter one. Therefore the Christmas business gifts rush is long forgotten and our attention is focused on client’s who are planning events.

Aside from ensuring you have the right range of promotional merchandise to use at an event, one of the most important items to get right or even to add to your “shopping list” is the promotional bag. It is very easy to make a snap decision on this, and the product chosen may still be the right one.
However, with a bit of extra thought, you can ensure that the bag you choose can work for you, long after the stands have been taken down and the conference speech notes have been archived for future use…

More often than not at a conference, exhibition or show, you are looking to have your potential new clients take away your latest brochure, price list or marketing literature. You may also have some promotional items that you hope will reinforce your brand. You then have a number of people who are ideal candidates to carry around with them a “mini billboard” advertising who you are, where you are and maybe even what you do. To do this for you all they will need is a bag that they consider good enough to carry the items collected and anything else they pick up that day as well.

So what options are available, isn’t a bag just a bag? Put simply, no. Not only is the choice extensive, but also what you can do branding wise also requires thought.

Polythene carrier bags have been the product of choice for many years, good advertising space, high volume, low spend – allowing a workable solution with the balance of budget then going to other areas. Within the polythene family, there is good choice, with rope, flexiloop or plastic clip close handles, duffle style bags and also card inserts to reinforce the base.

Paper is now considered the more eco approach, with FSC certified materials being specified across the board. There is flexibility in size options. Kraft paper is the cheaper option, with rope handled laminated carriers being the high end choice.

Conference bags often take the form of nylon or polyester, with the rope handled rucksack being a best seller ahead of products that have a internal pocket availability – the modern day academic satchel if you like. These bags are often used for years to come, showing the additional spend can work longer for you.

The most significant area over the last year or so are the “bags for life”, where the choice materials and designs has been constantly evolving. Cotton shoppers were the original and still remain popular. Jute bags are now incredibly popular, led by the retail sector. There are various styles, colour choices and sizes, and although the spend is higher, it is an item that is long lasting and with the right branding, can be an advertising tool for many years.

The time and attention given to your choice of promotional bags for the next event your are participating in is extremely important and the Steel City Marketing sales team would be more than happy to discuss the range of options in more detail to ensure you are making the right choice against the budget available and the target market you are looking to impress…

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