“Wortlicht” – Advertising messages in stages

WortlichtThere are many printed candles. Absolutely new are the candles which you first have to light in order to be able to see the hidden texts or pictures.

Because the observer will only see the complete message unravelling hour by hour, as the flame burns down.
The cooperation of the artist Katharina Bulla and Alex Schenk made an event product out of idea components which guarantees attention for a long time.
As an advertising agent, the “Wortlicht” can be used with individually fitting texts. New Year’s greetings can appear in different languages, the solution word for a prize puzzle can be hidden, the company history, successful products or the employees become visible in stages etc.
The process of coating printed candles with wax is registered as a utility patent and the name “Wortlicht” is protected as a brand name. Color diversity and any size of the candles allow individually creative leeway for the customers. Of you would like to use the poetic game with light and time for your message, Alex Schenk (wortlicht@t-online.de) can consult you.