Highlights on Guest Events and its promotional items which extend the dream

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -Guest Events is THE reference for everyone who loves American TV shows.  The event company is born in 2011 and is specialized in organizing fan conventions. What is that ? It’s an event where people can meet the stars of their favourite TV show. You’ll do some photoshoot with your idols, Q&A sessions, autograph sessions, private meetings and even cocktail evening with your favorite actors… If you dream to meet your favourite TV hero, this is the best way to make your dream come true.

Brigitte Gillet, the co-manager of the company (with her daughter)  had the idea to start this business after assisting to that kind of event herself.  Their job : “to sell some dreams.”. It was  huge financial and human challenge for both. Their credo ? Bet on the leading actors and have at least 5 cast members present during the convention (even if we often reach the amazing number of 9 actors !). Sure bet.


Brigitte and her daughter entered in the arena in May 2013 with the BITE ME I’M FAMOUS convention, dedicated to The Vampire Diaries TV show. With more than 900 participants, the success was huge and went beyond what they expected. The event knew some little slip-up inherent in the 1st time. These two great managers immediately made the arrangement and from the second convention, Guest Events became the most successful convention organizer, with a strong reputation of quality and reliability. Today,  the loyal members buy their pass for future conventions without even knowing the guest participants. This is a trust relationship and a successful business that every entrepreneur would envy.

This is a convention :  you between actors for a great picture you’ll love until your last breath, you in front of the scene where actors will answer to your questions…

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -4Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -6

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -5Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -7

How such a successful event company communicate ? Social media are the best friends of Guest Events. Their major communication way is Facebook. For every convention, a private group is created. Nothing more is required. Brigitte only used radio advertisement for the first convention ; then, it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Guest Events dolls up her aficionados.  As a gift and because the pass to have access to the convention can easily reach 500 €, personalized goodies are offered to the participants. For every convention, you’ll received a personalized tote bag. The perfect gift to put your pictures (or your treasure, it depends on how you see it) or your make-up to be absolutely gorgeous when you’ll finally meet the man or woman of your dream. Even actors love these bags as they use it to put all the gifts given by fans. These tote bags are some of the most appreciated gifts simply because they’re useful.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-1Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -2

Over the different conventions, the organizers change the promotional items : personalized silicone wristbands, 4 colours ball pen… Last July,  for the Teen Wolf convention, slap silicone wristbands printed with the name of the event TEAM WOLF were a hit. “People nicely goofed around with these wristbands, hitting each other with these wristbands” tells Brigitte, happy of the friendly atmosphere.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-3Promotional items are a great way to bring a souvenir of an unforgettable weekend. In the light of this, fans keep them. For example, lanyards and ID wristbands, which allow the entrance to the event, are often kept. Why ? Because of the emotional charge linked to this particular day. The promotional item is more than that, it becomes the Proust Madeleine for a lot of fans.

This is borne out by the fact that social medias are sufficient to spread information for such major events while promotional items remain an integral part of the communication.

Brigitte is already thinking about future personalized goodies she’ll pick up for next events. 2015 will be a huge year for Guest Events who’s preparing quiet one convention every month. For now, she’s working on the next one : From Wilmington to Paris 2, dedicated to the One Tree Hill fans.

Brigitte and her daughter spent 3 weeks in the USA last summer to plan the coming of guests for future conventions and keep putting stars in your eyes.

You want to participate to a convention ? Contact : www.guestevents.fr
You want to personalize promotional items  for your future events ? www.horizonsources.com