35 kilos worth of promotional marketing materials turned in

UCLA Health System targets drug companies’ influence
UCLA’s giant medical center recently asked its doctors, medical students and employees to turn in any pens and promotional items imprinted with corporate logos or products made by drug and other health care companies.

Though not unprecedented, The Great Pen Exchange conducted Nov. 29 is believed to be the first such action taken by a big, influential academic medical center targeting how drug companies try to sway medical care.

It’s estimated by organizers that some 75 pounds ( about 35kilos) worth of promotional marketing materials distributed by drug companies and other vendors were turned in and exchanged for Starbucks gift certificates and health system pens supplied by the medical center.

“We got a lot of muttering about, ‘Do you really think I can be bought for a slice of pizza?’” said Dr. Andrew Leuchter, who headed a faculty committee that recommended UCLA do more to stem the influence of drug and other companies. “Well, no. But there are many studies that show that the small gifts can be even more effective, over time, in guiding prescription practices.”
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From Los angeles Business Journal.