Promotional socks : the best heroes’accessory

You think promotional socks square ? I know why. That’s simply because you’re thinking about the stupid little designs woven on the socks you can buy everywhere. Promotional socks’ world is bigger than that. If you work in business, you have to know that offering a beautiful pair of promotional socks is considered as a great gift. A lot of big and powerful companies choose to offer socks because it’s a useful gift. We all need socks (at least for those who don’t leave in a warm country).

If you’re working in a modern start-up full of young people, I swear that offering socks can be good as well. Yes, it can ! Again, sock can be personalized ; It means you can do whatever you want with it. I looked for some example on the web and I found awesome pairs of socks that “geek” will love. Are you ready ?


The superheroes’ socks are very successful. We all need and dream of a superhero and Marvel, besides its movies, boosts the sell of its tie-in products.  Superman, Batman and wonderwoman socks with their cape are a hit. So cool ! I really want to make a special focus on the  Captain America socks with their wings. Isn’t it too cute ? Oh I also need to show you the Turtle Ninjas’ socks and their beautiful satin ribbon used to imitate the bandana. So awesome !

The beautiful thing is you don’t necessary have to add an accessory to the socks. They can be super original by themselves just like the ballet shoe socks, the Converse socks the sushi socks or the pencil socks. You just need a creative mind, a good designer and a good manufacturer. You can generally can wove socks up to 4 colours, it lets you plenty of possibilities to make fun and memorable promotional socks with a special design and/or your logo and/or your slogan.

Do not forget that socks are a daily items ; It means your promotional socks will be seen again and again until being well “printed” on your clients’ mind. If it’s a gift for your employee, keep smiling : having a boss who wants us to laugh and be warm thanks to promotional socks, it’s wonderful.

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