Promotional Rubiks Cubes – classic brain teaser!

Sam Philpott from Mojo Promotions in the UK comes and talk us about one of its favourite promotional items: The Rubik’s Cube.

“Promotional Rubiks Cubes are proof that a classic branded game can become a unique promotional item.

I am sure you will be familiar with the brightly coloured traditional Seventies’ puzzle.
This fun item can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and is guaranteed to be a popular corporate gift or giveaway.

You may now be wondering what a Rubiks Cube can do to enhance your next promotional campaign- there is no doubt that such a unique item will attract interest at a corporate event, trade fair or exhibition.
With so many stands to look at, each distributing their own promotional materials, a promotional Rubiks Cube makes a refreshing change from your usual pens or keyrings and will not fail to draw potential customers to your stand to hear your pitch.

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The Thinking Putty

thinking putty
You are seeking for a really original and never-seen promotional gift for your next marketing campaign or trade show?
Today, the Horizon Group discovered a very new promotional product, created by Crazy Aaron: the Thinking Putty.

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