A promotional cap and a bottle-opener: Crack-a-Cap!

Some products have this particularity that they meet several needs at the same time.

Please, let me introduce you to a 3 in 1 promotional product, completely crazy, new, funny and innovative.

The promotional cap bottle-opener “Crack-a-Cap”.

Customizable caps are a promotional product as old as the hills, but the Crack-a-Cap company knew how to reinvent it.

As you can see on the picture, this cap comes with a bottle-opener integrated under the beak. Moreover, its promotional options are wide ranging :

You can choose among twelve diferent colours.
Text or logo can be printed or embroided on the cap.
The bottle opener is concealed by a trendy patch, on which you can clip a button badge, also customizable.

This concepts comes from South Africa, and in my opinion it will be a real success.

Imagine a cap that protects your head from a blazing sun, and you can use to open a fresh soda when your real thirsty… The dream of every camper !

No more jokes: if you want to know more about this promotional cap-bottle-opener:
Visit the website “Crack-a-cap”