striking bangers!

Bangers are the indispensable promotional product to be used in a public event!

They are really appreciated to promote a brand in Sport events, football stadiums, basketball, publics and social events, rallyes or contests.

It’s incredible to see how strong is the impact on people who assist to the event.
Bangers leave a lasting mark: it’s proved that the use of bangers in a sport event increases significantly the memory of the brand.

The strong visual impact is a tool serving brand image.

HORIZONSOURCES manufactures the best banger quality of the industry.

Made of ultra resistant Polyethylene, our bangers are the only ones to be be printed full colour!
Its system of valve prevents the banger from deflating.

And to adapt even more to your event, we also offer special shape bangers: basket ball, foot ball, bottle, sword, hammer inflatable hand, etc…

Are you interested in receiving a special offer? Contact us now and we will send you a free quote with no compromise.
I bet you won’t find better prices!

Dare to have success!

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Advertising, I got you under my skin

What’s the world coming to?! Nowadays, people sell their body as a permanent advertising space …

Yeah well, marketing techniques are changing…so are communication mediums!

It seems that it has become fashionable to offer some companies to tattoo their logo or brand on a part of one’s body: like one’s leg, arm, or forehead !!

For example: Karolyne Smith, This blond woman earned 10 000 dollars getting “” (casino online) tattoed on her forehead (¡So discreet!)

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CAUTION! Your mobile phone is endangered!

In winter not only living beings become very sensitive to cold!!

We too often forget that alike us, our appliances suffer from icy and wet weather.

Especially your mobile phones, which are often exposed to cold in winter:
A phone battery loses 50% of its power when the temperature goes down.

The problem is that the battery’s molecules partly freeze when temperature is low, which significantly reduces the standby time.
Generally, the battery regains capacity as soon as the temperature has gone up again!
The solution to this problem: dress your mobile phone for winter!

The perfect product: the customized phonesock from

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Benefits and disadvantages of Waterless Tattoos

Michael Merrick Crooks from “Crooks Advertising Alliance” in the United States tells us more about the waterless temporary tattoos.

Which are the benefits and disadvantages of these tattoos compared with the normal temporary tattoo applied with water:

Michael Merrick Crooks for the benefits:
And myself for the disadvantages (I know, I couldn’t help sticking my nose into it!…) :

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