custom bookmarks

are you looking for fun custom bookmarks?

then you’re at the right place!

we can print your text and logo on it and even add a cute Winnie.

you probably know the struggle of not wanting to fold the pages but having no other method of knowing where you left off. these fun bookmarks will help with that issue!

a colorful and fun bookmark will motivate kids to read!

In 2015 there were more real books made of paper sold than the previous year for the first time since 2008. with an average of 2,5 books per person, more than 39 million books were sold. because of this, a bookmark is a fun (and incredibly useful) gift for everyone!

if you order these custom bookmarks, (also available with a Winnie or a magnetic strip) we can assure you that the people who receive them will love it. we can even create them in your desired shape and size. additionally, we can also include a little magnet with the bookmark to ensure it will stay on the right page.

the bookmarks are expected to become more and more of a necessity, because more and more people are turning to reading real books. this is why a bookmark is a gift everyone can appreciate, while still being affordable.

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