Promotional flexible fridge magnets

Promotional Flexible Fridge Magnets have become a real success story.
Sales are increasing dramatically as more companies realise that as more shapes and ideas are created Fridge Magnets can be matched to any promotional theme or advertising campaign.In other words they are low cost and very versatile .
With full colour print and a huge range of relevant shapes for any business ,Fridge Magnets ensure that your important information details remain in full view for a long time .Shapes include Delivery Vans ,Telephones ,houses,Recycle Bins,Teddy Bears,Wine bottles,Warning Triangles,Computer Screens,Credit Cards,Cartons,Oil Delivery Wagons ,Heart,Circles,Squares,and Rectangles.
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They are great for displaying Emergency Telephone numbers for Plumbers ,Electricity ,Gas and Water Suppliers ,Electricians and Insurance companies.

Magnets are ideal to be used as Business cards and these can also have a relevant shape to match a business. The most recent ideas include Magnets printed with a Calendar, Magnets with an additional Plastic Clip to hold important Memos or messages, Magnets with a sticky pad or Temperature gauge attached. Flexible Magnets are very suitable for Restaurants ,Sports clubs,Gymnasiums, as a souvenir reminder of a great time . Special shapes are easily achieved and production quantities start as low as 500 pieces.

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