Yes, money grows on tree!!

Money tree
Today, we received an e-mail about a new product, the Money tree. Nice idea !

Created by 2 young Dutchmen, this advertising gift conveys an original idea:
Everyone knows the line: “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

From now on that is history. You can now achieve your dream of having your own Money Tree !!

Money tree3
The Money tree consists of: The coin, the treasury, the instructions for use and a little book with a fairy tale.

The golden coin can be planted directly into the ground.

Then, in contact with water, it will gradually dissolve, after which your own money tree will start to grow.

Afterwards, you just have to take care of it like any other plant.

At this moment, the coin is filled with seeds of the Myosotis Alpestris (Forget-Me-Not) but it can vary according to the season.

Money tree
The packaging, the coin and the little treasure chest can be personalized with your company logo and colors.

This advertising gift can be very interesting for banks and insurances group which can, for example, give it to their clients for every contract signed or completed investment.

The ironic hint of this product, moving one of our oldest fantasies, has the advantage to catch clients’ attention, stirring up their curiosity…

Afterthat, they will remember the firm which knew how to “achieve their dream” every time they will water their Money Tree…

For more information about the “Money Tree”, have a look on this website: