Temporary tattoos

How to use the temporary tattoos for your next promotion ? You’ll see that temporary tattoos are not only for kids.

Are temporary tattoos only for children and kids? For sure not!

Casa Sanchez in the USA launched an excellent campaign with temporary tattoos. In their montlhy magasine they stuck a temporary tattoo with their logo and brand.

The text under the tattoo :If you have this temporary tattoo on your arm when you pay at our cash register in one of our supermarkets you’ll get an overall discount on your purchases.


Imagine all this small tattoos did: The client saw it in the flyer, probably stuck it on his arm to be seen easely, went to the shop to get get benefit of the discount and most probably did remove the tattoo only a few days later so meanwhile friends asked what the tattoo was for and the client spoke to his friends about the Sanchez promotion.

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