Silicone Wristbands with debossed logo

A nice product with an amazing success story. The silicone wristband became a HOT item once Lance Amstrong launched his first campaign. The Wristband rage started in the USA, came to southern Europe and only came later to northern Europe.

The idea of the silicon wristbands is simple : The slogal or logo is debossed in the silicon wristband allowing the person who carries it to show his support to team, a country or a charity organisation.
Most silicone wristbands are debossed, some are embossed and other printed but personally I think it’s a pity to print the wristband as it becomes an ordinary printed piece of silicon. The debossement is the spirit of these wristbands. Best example I’ve seen was made for a polish distributor by Horizonsources SL in Barcelona. A national football team distributed linked silicone wristbands, one red and a white linked together. On one wristband was written the name of the football club and on the other silicone wristband was also the same name but in Braille! Because the benefits of these Wristbands were for a school of blind children.

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