Those who have real tattoos drink more !

Article written by Alice Zamrogna

It really seems to be true : those who have tattoos drink more.


According to a survey of Professor Guégen of the French University of South Bretagne, if you have a tattoo, and especially if you have several ones that go together with a few piercings, it is quite probable that you drink more alcohol that those who do not have any at all.

The professor really stood outside the night clubs on four Saturday nights and asked passers-by (around 3000) to do an alcohol test and to tell him how many tattoos or piercings they had.

One should be careful not to stereotype, as Mme Armstrong emphasizes. She conducted a survey similar to that of her French colleague, but in the United States.


According to her survey, if we have only one tattoo, we cannot be considered to be dangerous . The alarm bell should be raised starting from 7 tattoos on the body.

The example often used to demonstrate these assumptions (many tattoos = alcoholic) is the signer Amy Winehouse, who passed away last year.

Exception (that proves the rule?) seems to be David Beckham, a very tattooed Dad of 4 children.


In summary, we should be careful not to generalize ! This is a fact : tattoos are fashionable, which is also due to a race “who has more” among celebrities.

If you are thinking about a tattoo on your arm, ankle or back, but you are have more doubts than convictions, why not try temporary tattoos?

They are certainly less expensive than the real ones, you do not risk any infection and if your girlfriend jilts you, all you need is a little bit of alcohol (ethyl one) to remove your “proof of eternal love” and become like new !

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