Red Cross Promo

something as simple as changing the color of the sand in this hourglass makes all the difference of this Red Cross promo. The sand plays

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Mercedes streetmarketing

To encourage drivers of other brands of cars to visit the Mercedes-Benz dealership, Mercedes stars were stuck onto the bonnets of other car brands. Want

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Promotional Pocket Ashtray

Eco-friendly, the Pocket Ashtray helps to protect the environment by preventing the careless disposal of cigarette ends in the wild. Contrary to disposal ashtrays, it

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Toasted logo, unforgettable message!

My favorite moment of the day is breakfast:

When I get out of bed with difficulty, raging against my deafening alarm clock and my hair being like they suffered atomic warfare during the night.
The only thing that makes me stand up is the thought of a hearty breakfast I have in mind since the toast smell comes to me.

I guess it might be the favorite moment for many people, this is why I declare toasters the best product ever invented.
You must be wondering why I speak in praise of toaster, and where the link is with promotional products! Here we come: I discovered a promotional toaster which is incredible!

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