Promotional tea bag

I use the occasion of the return to work, to present you a small original product. The promotional tea bag.

We found this funny new product by chance surfing on the Web. It’s sold in a few stores and were launched by Donkey products.

I imagine it’s possible personalise de tea bags with logos or a famous characters. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Ronald MacDonald or Mickey Mouse taking a bath on your cup of tea?

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Innovative Colour Puzzle Pencils

This product is certainly not an innovation, but it’s one of my favourite promotional gift :
(probably because I love to draw…and yeah, I am rather gifted!)
It’s a fantastic colour pencils set printed in 4 colour offset.
The product is available in 4 / 6 or 12 quality pencils sets.

On top of being an original gift, it’s a Great promotional tool with his wide printing surface…

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The Thinking Putty

thinking putty
You are seeking for a really original and never-seen promotional gift for your next marketing campaign or trade show?
Today, the Horizon Group discovered a very new promotional product, created by Crazy Aaron: the Thinking Putty.

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Dress your Cell Phone with a Phonesock

ipod socksWithin the space of a few years, cell phones have become a lot more than simple phones. Today, they are real fashionable High-Tech products.
That is why, in order to give more value to your cell phone, there is one inescapable item that you need to have: a Phonesock!

This product presents several advantages: it will give your company, association or sport club the opportunity to diffuse its logo, internet site or slogan.
It will also decorate your cell phone with attractive colours and protect it from shocks and scratches.

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A Fresh advertising campaign

Shortly after the first snow fall in Calgary, Canada, the Calgary Farmers Market has organised a great promotion to remind consumers that they can find fresh products during the Winter season: red apples were hung from bare trees in pedestrian areas.This great advertising campaign is signed Wax Calgary, Canada.

fresh apples
Such a campaign is always positive because everybody loves to receive promotional food items, especially a fresh healthy snack like apples!

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Fish your discount coupon

In Thailand, the advertising agency McCann Erickson Bankok created the concept of fish leaflets for a supermarket. The customer picks up a fish and receives

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