Dress your Cell Phone with a Phonesock

ipod socksWithin the space of a few years, cell phones have become a lot more than simple phones. Today, they are real fashionable High-Tech products.
That is why, in order to give more value to your cell phone, there is one inescapable item that you need to have: a Phonesock!

This product presents several advantages: it will give your company, association or sport club the opportunity to diffuse its logo, internet site or slogan.
It will also decorate your cell phone with attractive colours and protect it from shocks and scratches.

phonesock siliconeWhat is the size of a Phonesock?
Standard size is 110 x 60 mm, but we can make Phonesocks larger or longer up to your requirements. We can produce Socks for MP3 Players, Ipods or bigger cell phones.
The price will depend on the size but won’t be very much higher.

How will my logo appear on the socks?
To make your logo appear on the Phonesocks, you have two choices:
– You can ask for a logo woven with the sock. This technique can be used with logos that are not too complicated and that don’t include too many colours.
– You can ask for a silicone logo that will be sticked on the sock once it is woven. This technique gives your logo a great 3 dimensional effect.

How many colours can I have on my Phonesocks?
With woven logos, you can have up to four colours but we would advise you to avoid too many colours on such a little object.
With silicone logos, the best would be to take a Phonesock with just one or two colours. You will have the possibility to choose several colours.

What is the weaving process?
The Phonesock will be woven from the bottom to the top without any seam on the sides.

How fast are the Phonesocks produced?
It depends on the quantity, but for an average quantity the delivery time is 4/ 5 weeks up after art approval

What is the minimum quantity order?
The MOQ is 1000 pieces.

Are the socks sent in individual packaging?
If you want to give your Phonesocks more value, you can ask for individual plastic bags.

To buy Phonesocks with your own Logo, click on this link: www.phone-socks.com