A Fresh advertising campaign

Shortly after the first snow fall in Calgary, Canada, the Calgary Farmers Market has organised a great promotion to remind consumers that they can find fresh products during the Winter season: red apples were hung from bare trees in pedestrian areas.This great advertising campaign is signed Wax Calgary, Canada.

fresh apples
Such a campaign is always positive because everybody loves to receive promotional food items, especially a fresh healthy snack like apples!

Wax agency also proposed great ads to promote the Farmers market:
These ads perfectly underline the concept of FRESH products!

fresh products

Paper bags are also great promotional items because they combine two important qualities for advertising: they are both useful AND visible.

promotional bag

And finally, here is another great promotional idea but for Spring this time: Tags “New” have been hung on trees exactly like apples in the city center or planted to raise up curiosity.

new products

You can find all these ideas and even more on the Wax Agency Website

Source: directdaily