Promotional baby tree!

No, you’re not dreaming…It’s really a mini cactus in a capsule!

But watch it, coz it’s not an ordinary mini cactus: it’s also a mini promotional object coz the capsule which is protecting this mini plant can be printed with your logo!

This product, called “BABYTREE”, is distributed by the company Katshu.

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Promotional periscope

We always look for new, innovative and original promotional products. Not always easy to find the product that really makes the difference! This idea comes

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Video about promotional products

doc logo I remember having on my booth at the PSI show in Dûsseldorf a big screen with a video displaying our new product, Fixmax. It was an excellent attraction and we were proud of it. Now, at least ten years later, you can display a video with your promotional product right on the computer screen in your clients office; We already became used to it and even if in our industry video is not used that much yet, it will for sure become stronger year after year. here is a funny example of a promotional product presentation video, This guy really does his ut most best to convince you.

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I just found this product on the English website of a friend, a Wine Glass Marker. Funny, great as a promotional product, helps you to

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Wine-in-a-can ! Who the hell dared!!

Bert Groenendijk, from the Dutch company “La Parada” presents us a brand-new product marketed by Barokes.

This product: Wine-in-a-can™ is an innovation in wine marketing and packaging concept…

(Bert, I apologize in advance for my skepticism and for every nasty thing I am going to say about this new concept, but my French culture and education forces me to consider that drinking wine in a can is an aberration!! … I am sure my compatriots will agree!)

Anyway, Wine-in-a-can ™ is about to be launched in the market of promotional items and gifts.
Wine-in-a-can will be presented as a trendy premium (mainly for outdoor and events) and a new End of the Year gift.
The wine is available in 6 kinds and will be presented in an original Mix Pak of 4 cans.

Let’s see what Bert from “La Parada” is going to tell us about this new…and quite surprising concept:

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This product looks nothing much!!

No, really, this product isn’t much to look at!!
Some people could even find it ridiculous: it’s cross-eyed and hairy as an ape.

Well, excuse me but I have to maintain it’s a great product.
This promotional plush, better known by the name of “Winnie”, is actually an ace of comunication! The king of promotional products!
Its best asset: ITS RIDICULOUS LOOK that provokes a smile to anyone who receives it.

The message printed on the ribbon that comes with the plush has a strong impact in people’s minds!
Why, because the message (text or logo) is associated with the notion of humour, the best friend of marketing and communication….

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Peanuts as business cards!

There is something you need to know about me: I am the kind of person you’d better not invite to take the aperitif!!
Because for me, the concept of the aperitif is closely bound to the possiblity of making a pig of peanuts!!
A big lot of peanuts… I just love it and I won’t stop untill suffocation!

And now, you’re going to understand why I want to move to Japan!

A Japanese invention which allows you to have your business card imprinted on a peanut!!

I found this product on a funny website:

I am not convinced the product is efficient to have new business partners! (your business card can disappear in someone’s stomach!!)

But let’s see what we can learn about this product:
Article from

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Give it to the right person

Editorial Presença, in order to promote several books for Father’s Day, with the following slogan’s campaign : “Because your father doesn’t like flowers – The

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