Video about promotional products

doc logo I remember having on my booth at the PSI show in Dûsseldorf a big screen with a video displaying our new product, Fixmax. It was an excellent attraction and we were proud of it. Now, at least ten years later, you can display a video with your promotional product right on the computer screen in your clients office; We already became used to it and even if in our industry video is not used that much yet, it will for sure become stronger year after year. here is a funny example of a promotional product presentation video, This guy really does his ut most best to convince you.

If you like his product, here is the website :

Some other examples of video presentations for promotional products :
looks complicated but believe me, our blog guru made it in less than half an hour with Animoto software.
Tim Andrews even takes you on a free toor at the ASI show in Philadelphia! Very clever as a promotion of the ASI fair.