2007 Figures for Promotional Product Market

As every year, the two biggest USA based associations of our industry have released their 2007 sales analysis.

These two associations are the famous ASI (Advertising Speciality Institute) and PPAI (Promotional Product Association International).

What’s their role : these two US specialized organizations federate almost every actor of their national market.
They supervise and regulate their national market’s organisation, encourage growth of their business sector by providing informations and researches to their members.

The RESULTS: 2007 industry Sales in the USA have increased a 5.4% compared with 2006 figures – A NEW RECORD!!

ASI distributors offered their thoughts about marketplace growth in 2007.
“Especially in times of economic distress, businesses and institutions turn to incentive marketing,” said Jo-an Lantz, executive vice president of Geiger (asi/196480). “The pressure is on to spend wisely. Marketers are held accountable for their ad spend, and promotional products lend themselves to targeted marketing and measurable investment versus other media.”

“As budgets tighten, we expect more advertising to move from media to promotional products,” said David Lewenberg, vice president for Genumark Promotional Merchandise Inc. (asi/204588). “And, therefore, continue to expect an increase in 2008, despite downward economic expectations overall.” SOURCE: ASIcentral Press release

>> Here in Europe, we are very happy to discover each year the USA sales volume, but it’s impossible to find information on our own European market!
WHY? Why don’t we have a European association able to gather information and help to develop our industry?
This is the question I asked to Sabine Geldermann from PSI Germany, and this is what she answered:

“” You’re right, unfortunately statistics and market data about every European country is indeed difficult to gather.
As PSI recruits in regularly procedures demographic and market relevant data from our members and as we well support the national federation GWW as well the European Association EPPA, I would like to refer to a national (German) sales volume of approx € 3,1billion.

The overall sales volume in entire Europe is not available on a reliable basis.
However, this certainly will come up to approx € 18 to 20 billion if you consider all the EU member states.

So far, all major national associations try to concentrate on that issue but the challenge is always the same: professional market studies are very expensive and you easily spend a fortune if you do not bundle forces and resources on a European level.
On top of that, suppliers and distributors often would not be ready to easily provide that sensible data.
And this simply leads very often to most of the existing barriers.

PSI as well will launch a second time an on-line panel which will be representative for the entire industry and provide hopefully much more realistic industry data about tendencies and profiles of our customers in the relevant European countries.
We will publish results in our official print and on-line Media and would highly appreciate if you would indicate PSI as a quality source of that information, in case you will use these facts in your blogs! “”

Thank you very much Sabine!
We hope that Promotional product market sales will continue to grow this year and next…

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