The Perfect Giveaway for the Perfect Event

Organizing events is a stressful activity, consuming plenty of time and draining the organizers’ energies from the start of production all the way to the end of the show. But all that hard work pays off in the joy these gatherings bring to the people attending them. Make the occasion even more memorable by giving the attendees something to remember it by.

Weddings – These are celebrations of two souls officially coming together as one, so why not send guests away happy with a reminder of the sweetness of the newlyweds’ love? It can be in the form of an elegant glass jar with a lovely wedding wrapper and a ribbon, filled to the brim with delectable chocolates.  How about a beautiful crystal wedding bell that captures the moment of matrimony with the engraved names of the couple?

Promopeddler two rings - clear mint - 8 oz plastic jar filled with stock design wrapped candyPromopeddler Flavor Burst and Clear Mint Wedding Day Wrapper

Political Assemblies – Members of a political group coming together will want to feel united in their convictions to better the country. Mobilize the masses with themed mousepads that remind them that they, too, can make a difference especially in this digital age. Bring the message straight to their homes with coasters that will certainly ignite important conversations over drinks regarding the state of the nation.

Promopeddler antimicrobial fabric surface mousPromopeddler Promotional Mousepad Original Fabric

Environmental Causes – Although more and more people are starting to recognize planet Earth’s suffering, there is still much more work to be done to raise awareness of the need to safeguard the world’s precious ecosystems. Help spread the word without contributing to harmful waste with adhesive notes made from 100% recycled paper, nature-friendly sticky pads and biodegradable bamboo wood barrel ballpens.

Promopeddler eco-responsible (tm) - smiley sticky jotter, 5 page markers and yellow sticky pad. Promopedder Promotional Tanker Truck Shaped Candy Dispenser.

Fashion Shows ­– There are no other events where the most beautiful people gather to showcase their styles, so everyone in attendance will want to stand out from the crowd. Let each one make a statement with hip and comfortable tank tops that show off their fit and toned bodies. From beater tanks to spandex camisoles to junior fit cotton tops, they’ll be looking good no matter the time or place.

Promopeddler anvil (r) - heathers 2xl - preshrunk 6.1 ounce cotton tank top with self trim.

Promopeddler bella + canvas (r) - colors s-xl - ladies 5.8 oz., baby rib spaghetti strap tank.

Food Bazaars – It is easy to get lost in the sights and smells of the finest offerings in a food bazaar where just one sample taste can lead to a dozen more. But there is only so much time and so much space in customers’ stomachs to try everything in the market. By giving them chic tote bags, food shoppers can literally bring home the bacon and get more out of their tongue-talizing experiences!

Preparing an awesome celebration that guest’s won’t forget means leaving them with something they can hold onto for a long time. Make events last and keep the fun going with the right giveaways.

Promopeddler built (r) everyday (r) - tote made from protective neoprene material.Promopeddler tote for garden contains hand lotion, flower seed packet & gardening gloves.

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