Twist N’Ball

Twist N’Ball, the 2012 discovery of the “communication through promotional products” market. Article posted by Lorène on 20/03/2012 Article written by Augustin AUTRAND Twist N’Co

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Promotional inflatable drawings

For many years children make drawings, putting their imagination on paper.
Wouldn’t it be even more fun if they could play with these colored drawings? To let these drawings really fly or drive?
Right now that’s possible with the inflatable drawing!

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Promotion through Beauty Salons and Barbershops

Posted by Bric McMann from

The Campaign Capes Advertising Network

capes advertisingCaptive audiences are attractive audiences to advertisers, especially when that captive audience is in a relaxed and happy setting.
You don’t get much more relaxed and happy than at a hair salon or barber shop, enjoying
a great haircut or service and the company of others.
Salons and barber shops and are a great place for advertisers to target consumers.

What’s the case for using a salon as a marketing tool?
More and more time being spent out of home and the salon customer demographics are perfect for active consumers because they offer a truly captive audience with lots of dwell time.
Salons are described as recession proof. Research has found that salons are open later hours than most businesses and the average customer spends 90 minutes in the salon and return as often as every 4 weeks.

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Portable Seating Device

On the Web of, we found a real fun product: the Chairless, a portable sitting strap!

Ohh don’t laugh! at first sight we could think it’s the most stupid useless product you’ve heard about, but let’s try to understand exactly how it works and what are the origins of this interesting product:

“Chairless is an adjustable sitting strap designed in Europe, to be wrapped around the back and knees in order to relieve tension and stabilize the body.

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