The Thinking Putty

thinking putty
You are seeking for a really original and never-seen promotional gift for your next marketing campaign or trade show?
Today, the Horizon Group discovered a very new promotional product, created by Crazy Aaron: the Thinking Putty.

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Silhouette wine glass

silhouette wineglass

I love drinking wine! I also love to smell the wine before tasting it. Drinking wine is an experience, I could write many posts about it here but for sure Mathilde would moderate them as this blog is about promotional products and not about wine.

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Promotional bags

I don’t sell much promotional bags myself but these examples of advertising on promotional bags makes me enthusiastic.

promotional bag
This bag is custom dy-cut into dumbell to promote a gym.

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Promotional stability

Nicola Tibbs from 4imprint in the UK tells us about a funny unusual promotional product: “STABLETABLE”: Fans of Dragons’ Den will already be familiar with

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Jurassic communication!

To send New Year greetings for 2008, the communications team at the dinosaur museum in Brussels sent colleagues and main sponsors a highly original package.

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Socks with logos

I believe Logosocks are the most unique promotional textile product I’ve ever seen. They are so original to promote logos or slogans. It’s also easy

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I just found this product on the English website of a friend, a Wine Glass Marker. Funny, great as a promotional product, helps you to

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Promotional Pacifier

With the purpose of promoting his services, Dr. Rathenow, a Portuguese dental surgeon, distributed this pacifier to young children’s parents. This promotional pacifier, which is

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Peanuts as business cards!

There is something you need to know about me: I am the kind of person you’d better not invite to take the aperitif!!
Because for me, the concept of the aperitif is closely bound to the possiblity of making a pig of peanuts!!
A big lot of peanuts… I just love it and I won’t stop untill suffocation!

And now, you’re going to understand why I want to move to Japan!

A Japanese invention which allows you to have your business card imprinted on a peanut!!

I found this product on a funny website:

I am not convinced the product is efficient to have new business partners! (your business card can disappear in someone’s stomach!!)

But let’s see what we can learn about this product:
Article from

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