The Capaper

The World Cup is coming and therefore we can see a lot of new promotional products for sports coming up.

You already know the MAKARABA hat, a funny looking hand made miner’s helmet personalized with the colours of the club, and the symbol of the South African’s soccer culture. We also discovered the HAIR BANDAGE, the personalized wig for soccer supporters.

Today we present you the CAPAPER, a hat of ‘cardboard’, easy to assemble, created by the French company Hoovox.

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Socks with logo

This December J-MEN, a Hong Kong fashion magazine, is giving away a free pair of Socks by LLOYD; Germany as a gift with purchase. This

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The upcoming sensation for the World Cup soccer 2010!! Worldwide, millions of supporters will be wearing the most crazy outfits during the World Cup soccer

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4-in-1 Beer Holder

posted by Delphine Keng ODM Group The ODM group exhibited at the Electronics Show and the Mega Show in Hong Kong this October. Taking advantage

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Promotional tea bag

I use the occasion of the return to work, to present you a small original product. The promotional tea bag.

We found this funny new product by chance surfing on the Web. It’s sold in a few stores and were launched by Donkey products.

I imagine it’s possible personalise de tea bags with logos or a famous characters. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Ronald MacDonald or Mickey Mouse taking a bath on your cup of tea?

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Custom World Clock

Man has always dreamed to be in many places at the same time…

With the new Custom World Clock, you can have the time of many different places at the same time…

You have friends, relatives or business partners living around the world and need to know time to communicate, then this world clock is right for you.

The Custom World Clock is a patent pending original invention:
It was developed by Vinh Truong, founder of in the US.

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Sources: TRENDHUNTER.COM . Trendhunter Magazine – Vincent Salera

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International used CAKEVERTISING:

On each of the Amnesty International cakes, a slice is being removed from the rest of the cake, visually separating a person from an unacceptable, unsafe situation. The tagline of the ad reads:

You can do more than celebrate. 60 years of the universal declaration of human rights.”

I can not say enough great things about these ads.
You certainly know an ad is successful when the message you want to communicate needs no words.
The ads were created by advertising agency DDB Budapest.

More examples of Cakevertising…

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