Socks with logo

This December J-MEN, a Hong Kong fashion magazine, is giving away a free pair of Socks by LLOYD; Germany as a gift with purchase. This is a great simple everyday gift for their readers.

socks with logos Perceived value is always key for a promotion. The magazine front cover values the socks at a massive US$ 23/pair going on the retail price at this brands stores. It certainly appears to be a high value gift.

The magazine is sold at a discounted price from US$2.60 to US$1.30 – you might also consider that basically this magazine is free with a pair of socks. A great deal…

promotional socks Packed in a simple gold envelope, the socks come only in one colour-black, and one size. There is a simple embroidered logo on each sock.

The packaging of the socks also holds a voucher for US$40 discount on all purchases in Lloyd stores for purchases over about US$ 260.

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Via : ODM Group