Clipclope eco astrays : innovative and fun !

Hey guys, you know how bad it is to smoke but we’re not going to play the educator here. We’re just going to help you to remain clean by not putting your cigarette stub everywhere. For this, we found a very  innovative concept :  the clipclope® ashtray(you have to know that “clope” in French means “ciggie”)

clip clop astray

Seven years after Keol pocket ashtrays were first launched, I have seen many pocket ashtrays appear, but they are far from being innovative and  exciting.

Here below you will find the description of this original ecological ashtray :

° Ecological : no more stubs in nature ; this protects our environment.

° Practical : in your pocket, at home, at work, in your car...

° Can be a game : a portable ashtray : a table ashtray or a magnetic ball ! The ClipClope® can be assembled in 2 our 4 pieces by using different colours.


An ashtray for all the occasions ! The ClipClope® is a real nomadic companion of a smoker. Its magnets help it make itself comfortable anywhere. In the car, while walking, in a cafe and at home, it can be easily clipped. In a flash, it can be transformed into a ClipBoxe®, a tiny and aesthetic handy box. The material it is made of as well as its design are chosen to turn it into a nice and a long -lasting product.

There is a large colour range : available in 6 colours, the interior of its hood can be personalized in full-color. Silkscreen printing is applied.

A awesone product which will help you to be ecological smoker !

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