Interview with Leo Kostylev IAPP Russia 2/2

Kremlin With 70-80% of the sales of promotional products being done in Moscow, is the Russian market unbalanced? Where are advertising products produced? What are the most popular advertising products in Russia…? If you want to know more about the Russian market, you should read the second part of the interview made with Leo Kostylev from IAPP Russia.

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2007 Figures for Promotional Product Market

As every year, the two biggest USA based associations of our industry have released their 2007 sales analysis.

These two associations are the famous ASI (Advertising Speciality Institute) and PPAI (Promotional Product Association International).

What’s their role : these two US specialized organizations federate almost every actor of their national market.
They supervise and regulate their national market’s organisation, encourage growth of their business sector by providing informations and researches to their members.

The RESULTS: 2007 industry Sales in the USA have increased a 5.4% compared with 2006 figures – A NEW RECORD!!

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Singapore: a wealth of opportunity

singaporebusinessman Today, Singapore is simply booming !

Its cultural adaptability, trade-friendly policies and geographical location make it very attractive for all businesses and this is great for the promotional products industry!

Influenced by both British and Chinese culture, Singaporeans perfectly blend East and West.

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What’s in your car?

Helen Martindale from P&MM in the UK, an online and printed catalogue sourcing company, wrote to DocLogo+ to announce the results from their Spring 2008 survey entitled:‘What’s in your car’.

This is the third in a series of national surveys that have been carried out by the company to establish the relationship between branding on promotional merchandise and sales.
The previous two surveys, which took place in 2007 covered ‘What’s On Your Desk?’ and ‘What’s In Your Bag or Briefcase?’…

These are the main findings identified :

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Interview with Leo Kostylev IAPP Russia 1/2

matrioschkaIt seems that the Russian advertising market is a “new market” currently in great expansion. What can you tell us about this situation and the evolution of the market over the last 15 years?

The Russian promotional market is as young as the commonly Russian market economyand currently the most dynamically developing market around Europe

Here are some interesting information if you want to expand on the russian market.

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“Guerilla” Marketing…

Doc Logo + What is “Guerilla Marketing” ?

According to Isaac Belmar, expert in Marketing and Communication, the Guerilla Marketing is a marketing philosophy which is defending a non-traditional use of the media… Actually, its technique is to add another element to the media: a different and innovator one, which have a strong impact on the target appeal.

The key of Guerilla Marketing is to catch the attention… Which is possible if you manage to differentiate yourself from the dozens of competitors who are struggling to fill their clients’ mailbox with tasteless promotions…

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“Beach” marketing…

After the Street marketing era…comes the “Beach” marketing time! The Australian communication agency Rapp Collins dealt with the promotion of the fantastic documentary series SHARK

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Video about promotional products

doc logo I remember having on my booth at the PSI show in Dûsseldorf a big screen with a video displaying our new product, Fixmax. It was an excellent attraction and we were proud of it. Now, at least ten years later, you can display a video with your promotional product right on the computer screen in your clients office; We already became used to it and even if in our industry video is not used that much yet, it will for sure become stronger year after year. here is a funny example of a promotional product presentation video, This guy really does his ut most best to convince you.

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