What’s in your car?

Helen Martindale from P&MM in the UK, an online and printed catalogue sourcing company, wrote to DocLogo+ to announce the results from their Spring 2008 survey entitled:‘What’s in your car’.

This is the third in a series of national surveys that have been carried out by the company to establish the relationship between branding on promotional merchandise and sales.
The previous two surveys, which took place in 2007 covered ‘What’s On Your Desk?’ and ‘What’s In Your Bag or Briefcase?’…

These are the main findings identified :

• The most popular item of merchandise kept in a car is a pen (12 per cent of respondents). This was followed by an umbrella (11 per cent), ice scraper (9 per cent) and map/road atlas (7 per cent).

• Nearly two-thirds of respondents (63 per cent) can name a brand or company/organisation featured on promotional merchandise that is kept in their car.

• Almost 95 per cent of respondents (94 per cent) believe that branded promotional merchandise increases a company’s brand awareness.

• Over half of respondents (52 per cent) would keep the item of promotional merchandise themselves, rather than pass it on to colleagues or family.

• Almost half of respondents (46 per cent) have purchased from the companies that were branded on a piece of promotional merchandise in their car.

David Lebond, executive director for P&MM Source-e and Chairman of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), commented: “This latest survey has re-affirmed the positive link between promotional merchandise, branding and sales that has been shown in the previous two surveys:
Promotional merchandise has a strong and direct influence on brand awareness and purchasing behaviour and is increasingly being regarded as an intrinsic element of the marketing mix.”

Thank you Helen for this useful information! It’s one more proof of promotional product effectiveness…

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To have more information on the P&MM and it’s 2008 survey, please contact: Helen Bleasdale Email: helenbleasdale@clareville.co.uk or visit: www.clareville.co.uk