Chinese new year 2010 celebrations will take place from the 11th to the 20th of February. We will be entering the Year of the Tiger,

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Temporary tattoos – lasting allergy

The temporary tattoo is a cheap promotional giveaway and very trendy, many big brands distribute temporary tattoos to apply in the skin, and mostly for children.

But few are those who really estimate the risk they are taking.
We must not forget that a temporary tattoos is applied directly on the children’s skin and are made to stay from 5 to 7 days, leaving time to the components tu spread up in the tissues. Therefore, a temporary tattoo must not be considered as a simple sticker but as a product which has to respond to the requirements of the cosmetic industry’s standards.

During the 20th world congress of dermatology that took place from the 1st to the 5th of July 2002 in Paris, Dr Martine Vigan, dermatologist at the CHU besançon, has sounded the alarm on this risk. In the composition of some temporary tattoos, we can find Paraphenylenediamine, which provoques late allergies. The result: the tattooed zone swells, turns red and itches. Even more serious, this allergy can lead to a long term hypersensitizing.

Some of the inks that are used to print some bad quality temporary tattoo, especially in Asia, contains CRM substances (carcinogenic).

How to be certain the temporary tattoos your company will distribute are 100% safe for children? That they won’t contain toxic componenents which could provoque allergies, eczema or worst…Cancer?

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BPMA Academy Graduation Ceremony

bpma academy
Wow this news comes from BPMA in England the photo looks like some kind of a MISS UK promotional product election, but that’s not exactly what Gordon organised. 🙂

Here is the very serious press release that explains more about the photo :

The bpma Academy Graduation – November 2009

The bpma held its second Academy Graduation Ceremony at the House of Commons on the 9th November, with 35 guests attending the special occasion. John Greenway MP has supported the bpma and particularly the bpma Academy, and proudly presented 20 students with their certificates alongside Adrian Ferrand bpma’s Director of Education and Gordon Glenister, Director General of the trade body.

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This week, the ODM Group brought clients to Hangzhou province in China for a pen factory audit. Located in the center of Hangzhou – Ningbo is a vibrant city famous for its active manufacturing industries and renowned port. Due its attractive location, for having raw materials readily accessible (plastics, acrylics and metals), it soon became the ideal location for many Stationery factories (a key supplier to the promotional products industry).

Over the years, there have been much competition between many Pen factories, in terms of design, quality and turn over rate. The Ningbo Pen factory that we visited was equipped with relative standard machinery for the region but has a great capacity for production with good raw material components and meticulous online QC..

First step: cutting steel bars for making different parts of a pen.

The ODM Group manufacture a few million pens each year for airlines, hotels and other key clients so we would like to share some of our expertise in manufacture processes…

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ASI Media release

TREVOSE, PA – June 24, 2009 – The Advertising Specialty Institute®, the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, announced today the launch of pay-for-placement advertising on its network of LogoMall websites.

ASI Chicaco Pay-for-placement advertising boosts sales and product exposure by placing relevant products, such as best-sellers and new and innovative items, at the top of product search results on LogoMall websites. The program helps buyers quickly narrow their search and place orders with distributors faster.

LogoMall websites are used by ASI distributors and suppliers to market over 300,000 promotional products to buyers online, and the network of sites received over 800,000 visitors last month. LogoMall also harnesses the shopping engine technology used by Borders, Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

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How are Temporary Tattoos produced?

Every one knows the temporary tattoo. This funny product you can buy, or get in an in-pack promotion (magasines, packs of cereals…). Millions and millions of them are sold each year.
Everyone knows the product but do you know how they are produced?

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By Sergio Luna Vargas, marketing consultant and university doctor.

The colours we see everyday in shops or in the streets have a strong influence on our psychology and purchase decision.
The majority of the products and advertisements have a strong colour strategy element,, designed by specialists in this field, according to the relation each colour have with each specific product.

The physical colours we see around us are colours approved by people. The consumer decides which colours he likes and rejects the one he doesn’t like. Very often, the sale will depend on the colour (of the packaging, of the product itself, etc.) as the great majority of the promotional products and ads of the market appeal to people’s unconscious.

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National Holiday in China

This year we will celebrate China National Holiday from September 29th to October 5th.

During this week, the all country is totally paralyzed.
They commemorate the Foundation of the Popular Republic of China in October,1 th,1949.

The 7 days festivities are made of Fireworks, concerts, Saké and much more…

These holidays are synonym of congestion in airports and ports, and delays.
So if you import good from China, take care…

Happy National Day to the Chinese people… ¡¡ NIHAO !!

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